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December issue call

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Academy Publish is an open access publisher and we are calling all academics, scholars, experts in the fields and doctorate students to sign in and participate by publishing their original papers in one of our journals. The following serials are accepting papers for their December issues:

–        Journal of Engineering and Technology

–        Journal of Medical Research and Science

–        Open Journal of Economic Research

–        Journal of Computer and Information Technology

We are providing great benefits for contributing authors and Editor Board members get to issue their paper completely free of charge. Find out how to take part in upcoming issues by sending us an email at Our PPA will write you back in less than 24 hours.


Hello fellow scientists, academics, scholars and other knowledge hungry net users! The first 10 books are ready so check the titles and submit your articles a.s.a.p. The publishing procedure is easy and the whole navigation panel is user friendly.  We have added tools that show all publishing steps using colors to keep the track what has been done and what is ahead. In order to keep things running smoothly and on track we have added due dates and reminders. Above and beyond all tools are our Publishing Process Agents (PPA) who will answer all your questions and guide you thru the process till the paper is published. Check out other great benefits at



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Open Access publisher Academy Publish has launched the website and we’re ready to roll!

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AcademyPublish is an OA (open access) books and journals publisher with strong background in all fields that matter. We are US based company that wants to help spreading knowledge and new scientific research in the fields of engineering, medicine, computer sciences and IT, and economic development.

Our website (link available in next couple of days) is not merely a company promo site. It is a meeting point for all academics and those net wanderers who are knowledge hungry. Meet, chat, participate in our journals and books, publish your research papers, say your mind!


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